Vision, Mission, and Job Experience Related to Mining Project


Reliable Partnership in Progress To be a reliable and trusted business partner in developing of business with creating synergy partnership between PT. RPP CONTRACTORS INDONESIA (RCI) and mining concessions holder and other customer. Those trust is support by dedication and best mentality, solid management system and up to date engineering application with production process that strictly consider safety and environment.


Profitable, improving employees standard of life and knowledge enhancement. To get the optimum profit by increasing efficiency and productivity; to upgrade all employees lifes and knowledge developing, to support national development, and human & nation character building.


1 PT. PETROSEA Coal Mining Bengkulu 1987-1991
2 PT. UNITED TRACTORS Coal Mining Bengkulu 1988-1990
3 PT. KITADIN Coal Mining Embalut, East Kalimantan 1990-1995
4 PT. TANITO HARUM Coal Mining Loa Tebu, East Kalimantan 1991- Present
5 PT. THIESS Coal Mining Loa Tebu, East Kalimantan 1992-1994
6 PT. BUKIT BAIDURI ENTERPRISE Coal Mining Teluk Dalam, East Kalimantan 1995-2005
7 PT. KITADIN Coal Mining Embalut 1996-2003
8 PT. MULTI HARAPAN UTAMA Coal Mining Jonngon, East Kalimantan 2003-2005
9 PT. KITADIN Coal Mining Tandung Mayang, East Kalimantan 2005-2006
10 PT. ANUGERAH BARA KALTIM Coal Mining Loa Janan, East Kalimantan 2003 - Present
11 PT. BINAMITRA SUMBERARTA Coal Mining Sanga-Sanga, East Kalimantan 2005 - Present
12 PT. JEMBAYAN MUARA BARA Coal Mining Separi, East Kalimantan 2007 - 2012
13 PT. GERBANG DAYA MANDIRI Coal Mining Teluk Dalam, East Kalimantan 2009 - Present
14 PT. WELARCO SUBUR JAYA Coal Mining Loa Janan, East Kalimantan 2011 - Present
15 PT. INDOMINING Coal Mining Sanga-sanga, East Kalimantan 2012 - Present
16 PT. KAPUAS TUNGGAL PERSADA Coal Mining Kuala Kapuas, Central Kalimantan 2013 - Present